Meals on Wheels

What is a Meals on Wheels Service?
This Service provides home delivered meals to people who are aged, disadvantaged, frail, or younger disabled persons and their carers. The purpose of the meal service is to help people to continue to live comfortably in their own home.

How does this service operate?
The Service is managed by a community-based committee, which is elected annually. The day-to-day operations are carried out by a team of around 40 volunteers on a roster. The hours of operation are from 12.30 p.m. to 1.30 p.m. approximately.

What meals are available?
The Service provides a minimum of one meal (soup, main, dessert, yoghurt) on weekdays delivered to your home. No deliveries on Public Holidays. Extra frozen meals may be delivered on any delivery day if required. e.g., 2 extras on Friday for the weekend, or 1 extra the day before a Public Holiday. If you have any special food or dietary requirements, these will be accommodated whenever possible. This will be noted in your record. Please contact the coordinator Rodney Watton on 07 46973735.

How to obtain assistance?
Contact My Aged Care to obtain a referral for 'Meals'. If you would like further information, you can phone the coordinator Rodney Watton on 07 46973735.

How much will the service cost?
Meals are partly subsidised by the Australian Government, so clients only pay $9.00 per meal (May 2021). Other arrangements can be made depending on your personal circumstances but a contribution towards the cost of the meals and their delivery is generally required. This is payable fortnightly in arrears preferably by Bank Transfer or will be collected on the Monday following the end of the delivery fortnight, around lunchtime. Any price changes will be notified two weeks prior to the date of change.

What happens if I am not at home when the meal is delivered?
It is important that you let us know if you are not going to be at home for the delivery of your meal. If you are unable to contact the Hospital kitchen 46973735 before 9am, please ask a relative, friend or neighbour to contact on your behalf. If you do not cancel your meal, we will still go to your house. This could result in concern that something is wrong.

What if I am not happy with the service provided?
We aim to provide a high quality of service, so we would like to know if you have any concerns about the service. Your service will NOT be stopped if you make a complaint. If you refuse the service, it will not prejudice your applying or receiving a service in the future. If you feel your rights are not being respected or if you have any other complaint or concern about the service you are receiving, you can try any of the following:
If you feel comfortable about it, you could discuss the situation with the Coordinator Rodney Watton on 0746973735.
You can also speak to a member of the Management Committee.
Two people you can contact are:

Anne Pedersen, President Phone 0409 123 619
Wannapa Foytong, Secretary Phone 07 46973735

You can contact the State Office of Queensland Meals on Wheels on (07)32055588 or the Advocacy Service on 1800 700 600.
These are free and confidential services, which can assist you in working through any complaints and concerns about the service you are receiving. Please remember that all information we gather on you is covered by our confidentiality and privacy policy. The only information we keep is that which is supplied by you.

Clifton Meals on Wheels Inc. C/o 20 Norman St, Clifton QLD 4361 [email protected]

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